News | Double Eleven partners with Mojang to create Minecraft Dungeons

“There’s more to come!” That was the words from Digital Teesside’s game heroes Double Eleven, after partnering up with Minecraft legend, Mojang 

It’s a massive coup for Boho One-based, D11, who will help to create dungeon crawler, Minecraft Dungeons. 

Minecraft Dungeons is a stand-alone game from the globally-successful Minecraft franchise. Double Eleven’s work is particularly focused on developing console versions of the upcoming game, underlying online and multiplayer systems, and content creation, all with the aim to produce the best user-experience for players. 

Lee Hutchinson, founder and CEO of Double Eleven said: “It’s a real honour to help with the creation of such an exciting, high-profile release as Minecraft Dungeons. 

“This December will mark Double Eleven’s 10th anniversary, and in that time we’ve developed a track record of technical expertise and creativity.  

“This milestone highlights the next phase of the team’s expansion, and we’ve got more exciting announcements still to come this year.”  

Minecraft Dungeons is set to be released in June of 2020 on Windows, MacOS, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and is billed as a brand new way to experience Minecraft.  

With over 112 million playing Minecraft worldwide and 176 million sales across all platforms, the game is the best-selling in history.  

David Nisshagen, Executive Producer at Mojang, said: “We’re thrilled to have found a partner that shares our passion for creating great games, and we’re looking forward to working closely with Double Eleven to bring Minecraft Dungeons to a wide range of platforms.  

We’re excited to watch our passion project continue to grow, and Double Eleven’s expertise and dedication will help us create a high-quality experience for our community.” 

Double Eleven previously worked on numerous big-name titles, such as Goat Simulator and Prison Architect, and released Songbringer and Super Cloudbuilt in 2017.  

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