Collaboration Stars | Mabo and Publicity Seekers

Teesside is full of booming digital companies as we well know and is quickly looking to become a (if not THE) leading digital hub in the UK. 

In this weeks Collaboration Stars we look at Mabo Media and Publicity Seekers(that’s us for transparency ;-)) recent collaboration on Mabo Media’s first ever client conference at the Mighty Boro’s Riverside Stadium. 

Mabo don’t p*ss about. If you’re going to invite your clients along to showcase what you do then you’re going to get the best in the business to back you up. So (hang on for the big name drop here folks) Mabo brought along its mates from Google and Microsoft, amongst other big names, to speak to clients (how’s that for a bit of validation??).  

So Publicity Seekers (us) rose to the challenge of making sure this mighty meeting of minds in Middlesbrough (check out the alliteration) did not go unnoticed. 

The aim was to publicise the event across the North East business media and marketing press as well as gathering media content throughout the day that could be used throughout the year. 

The resulting campaign saw Mabo’s story covered by seven media outlets, reaching 70,493 business owners, as well as getting extensive coverage on Twitter. While the promo video and testimonials and interviews that were put together have provided content to be drip fed on Mabo’s social channels.  

James Lees said: “The digital community in Teesside is very strong and is growing very quickly. 

“Initially I reached out to Publicity Seekers to do a bit of press for us but they went the extra mile to research what more we could do to take advantage of the day; it was something I hadn’t thought of so it was good to hear. 

“Supporting other companies that can provide you with a service is very important. It helps to boost their company profiles along with everyone else in Teesside. It’s always good to back your own.” 

Sam Lee, Managing Director of Publicity Seekers, said: After 12 years in Hartlepool we made the leap this summer and moved to Albert Road.

“To say we were welcomed into the fold straightaway was an understatement and to be working with a company like Mabo was an absolute delight.Great people, up for trying new things and happy to let us be part of their day and hopefully benefit them with a media boost.” 

Got a collaboration story of your own? Please let us have it, we’d love to feature it!


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