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Animmersion appoints new director 

First up, Animmersion has appointed a new director to aid its plans of going global. 

Steve Carpenter has been hired as Business Development Director to support the growth of the immersive digital experiences company and has moved from Oxfordshire to the North East for this role. 

Dom Lusardi, Managing Director of Animmersion, said: “This is an indication that the digital cluster in Teesside is growing. We’re able to attract people of this calibre from down South to work up North. 

“This shows that people are starting to understand what Teesside is as a digital community. It’s no longer just words people can see the change and that’s why people are coming to work here.” 

We get around 

When our fellow Digital Teesside companies fly their company flags outside of the region this can only be a great thing for our Digital Teesside industry as a whole.  

Salesfire was in Dublin for the SaaStock Conference this week, where amongst other things there was a reverse pitch to VCs. We are sure Salesfire will have more than held its own on this global stage.  

Not digital but beer related so just as important 

Middlesbrough Football Club is having a Gin and Beer Fest at The Riverside on Saturday and Sunday 9 & 10 November if anyone fancies it?  

Stockton’s very own Three Brothers Brewing Company will be providing the er beer.  

There’s three sessions over two days and tickets are just a tenner for the whole weekend or just four English quid a session (seven for the Saturday night). Tickets here:  

Beauty and the….. 

Knowing what a beautiful lot the Digital Teesside brigade are, Scarlett Reeves should have no end of clients for her new venture. 

One of Mabo’s best known faces (before Jimmy) Scarlett has branched out with her new night time and weekend venture called Time to Sparkle.  

Wish her the best of luck and support her by having a look at her website and passing her on to your friends. 

#TheDigitalCity already creating jobs in Middlesbrough 

Following on from last week’s huge announcement about #TheDigitalCity, the company behind the architecture plans for the new Boho development is advertising for staff. 

As Middlesbrough’s largest single investment… ever… LOGIC is looking to recruit architects, technicians and technologists for the exciting North East project and of course, as this is going to be ‘the’ highest building in Middlesbrough, applicants for this role need high rise experience! 

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