Collaboration Stars | Visualsoft and Teesside University

Digital Marketing Agency, Visualsofthas collaborated with Teesside University through its Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme on a research project to gain insights into the eCommerce market.

And the Stockton-based tech giant is keen to work with more of its Digital Teesside neighbours. 

Earlier this year Visualsoft’s KTP allowed it to partner with Teesside University’s alumnus, appointing Kalvin Tan, with an objective to assist with the construction of the ‘VS Analytics’ system.

Sarah Taylor, Head of Platform at Visualsoft, said: “We could have chosen to directly hire a data scientist to embark on this project, but by collaborating with Teesside University, we’re able to tap into the incredible level of AI and machine learning expertise that it has to offer and work to ensure that we embed that knowledge within our company for this and future projects.

Bringing together commercial and academic perspectives on one project really helps us to take it to the next level, and it’s so inspirational to be working alongside some of the University’s brightest minds – particularly Dr Claudio Angione, Dr Yifeng Zeng and Dr Yingke Chen. 

Individual successes are great, but working together makes us so much stronger and is crucial if we’re going to pave the way for future generations of digital talent within our region.

Sarah added: “We’re looking for more opportunities for collaboration across Teesside, so if any of our sector neighbours want to discuss any ideas, please do give us a shout.”

Data scientist, Kalvin Tan, now based at Visualsoft’s Stockton HQ, was chosen to undertake the project after a rigorous recruitment process. His academic record is impressive to say the least with an MSc in Computer Science, a BA in Applied Computing and a PhD in Computer Research. 

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