Collaboration Stars | Vlog Base and Fox Byte Games

Vlog Base’s new software launched on Monday and in true Digital Teesside style it was done through another great Teesside collaboration. 

In this week’s Collaboration Stars we take a look at the work Fox Byte Games has done on Vlog Base’s new application which is used for automatically transcribing and searching through video. 

The cloud-based software uses artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe recordings, which you can later search through without having to listen to the full recording again. 

The Vlog Base software is aimed at content creators such as video and podcast creators and journalists and has so far been used to power two art installations at Middlesbrough Art Weekender as well as being used by Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum in Skinningrove to digitise 132 hours of oral history. 

Vlog Base currently offers a free trial and is available to anyone by creating an account on the website. On-going subscribers upload their video or audio to the site for a one off payment fee or through a regular subscription method. 

Both Launchpad bloomers, Vlog Base and Fox Byte Games began collaborating together nearly two years ago, both businesses will now work from Boho Five; with Fox Byte moving in only last week and Vlog Base set for their move on Monday. 

Luke Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer at Vlog Base, said: “The guys at Fox Byte go above and beyond with what they’ve done for us. If you go to them with a problem, they’ll help to work with you to find a solution. 

“Collaboration is one of the main points of the digital community in Teesside, you don’t see collaboration like this in most places. Everyone working together means Teesside is really starting to make its mark in the digital sector.” 

Ben Sandwick, Programmer at Fox Byte Games, said: “We did the full stack development for Vlog Base. We wrote the entire website and programme to make sure it sent information from the server to the Google Speech Network.  

Aaron Preece, CEO at Fox Byte Games, said: “It’s great for small companies to work together. Andy from Vlog Base will come in to work in our office so we can run through the software with him. 

“It’s great to have that personal relationship with the people you’re working with and we hope Vlog Base’s new software does great, they’ve put so much time into this. 

“Everyone in Teesside knows each other, we’ve had great support from people like Bob Makin at Sock Monkey and Bruce Slater at Radical Forge. 

“It’s so important to know who your neighbours are. If you ever have any problems they can get solved a lot quicker with help, even if it’s a just borrowing an allen key to put your desk back together!” 

We’re so excited to see how Vlog Base’s new software goes. Good luck guys! 

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