Collaboration Stars | Endeavour Digital and Bradbourne Digital

We’re going even further afield with Collaboration Stars this week and taking a look at the work Teesside based Endeavour Digital and Bradbourne Digital have done together for a client based in London. 

The two companies have worked to develop a wealth management fin-tec app for a company based in Mayfair.  

Soon to be available via the app store, the app is aimed at high net-worth individuals to help them manage their investments, shares and pensions and can offer advice to help them improve their returns and ideas on what they can invest in. 

Graham Orrell, founder and CEO of Bradbourne Digital, uses his connections in London to bring work up to Teesside for both his developers and others such as Endeavour Digital. 

Endeavour and Bradbourne started work on the app in January with the release coming very soon.  

Jamie Bradley, founder of Endeavour Digital, said: “Using React Native we worked with the team at Bradbourne to develop the front end of the app. Graham was the technical architect of the whole project, coming up with the IT strategy and road map of the product.” 

Endeavour Digital uses React and React Native to develop the front end of powerful, functional websites and mobile applications. 

Jamie continued: “Graham is doing a great job of bringing work to Teesside. There are a lot of big contracts in places like Newcastle, Manchester and London so having collaborations which can help you find out about partnerships around the country are brilliant.” 

Graham Orrell said: “I wouldn’t have been able to deliver this project without Jamie’s help. Collaborating gave Bradbourne the launchpad to get started and got us where we are today. 

“You’re bigger working together than you are apart. It’s all about collaboration and being able to provide a better service to your clients because of it.” 

Bradbourne is currently focusing on providing full stack development using Java Script, building websites, apps and providing backend servicing to various sectors such as education and finance. They also deliver to the cloud using iCloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

Bradbourne and Endeavour have no plans on stopping their collaboration anytime soon and continue to share work between each other – keep it up guys. 

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