Collaboration Stars: Radical Forge and A Boneheads Home

Boho Five neighbours Radical Forge and A Bonehead’s Home are collaborating to relaunch Radical Forge’s new branding in January 2020. 

Work is currently underway on Radical Forge’s logo, brand guidelines and merchandising ahead of its own game launch in early 2020. 

Robert Bedford, founder of A Bonehead’s Home, said: “I’ve probably created some of my favourite work while working with Radical Forge. 

“I really want to create branding and logos which represent the business and bring its creativity to life. Companies need new things like video business cards. Paper cards can get thrown in the bin but something like that can really boost your organic growth and really get you noticed.” 

Having specialised in developing brands for bands, Robert has been freelancing as a graphic designer and illustrator for around four years and has recently set up A Bonehead’s Home with plans to take on other creatives such as a videographer. 

He said: “Branding isn’t just a logo. It’s having everything; branding, brand guidelines which can be implemented towards social media and guidelines so other companies can use your logo and typography correctly.” 

A Bonehead’s Home currently works in industries such as music, education and digital. Set up this summer, the company offers branding, guidelines, merchandising, illustration, social media layout and can design user interface for apps and games.  

Bruce Slater, Founder and Creative Director at Radical Forge, said: “Rob is incredibly good at what he does. He came to us with the idea to redo our branding ahead of the launch of our new game, it’s the perfect time to relaunch Radical Forge. 

“Our game will take you on an adventure that you wouldn’t expect. It follows the narrative of the pet cat of a supervillain and has a real emphasis on dark writing and puzzles.” 

A small, independent games development and software house, Radical Forge specialises in contract work and its own IP work. The company can work on anything from code and art to technical art and visual effects.  

Radical Forge and A Bonehead’s Home have plenty more collaborations on-going within Teesside and plan to continue working together in the future. 

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