News | Round-up 14 Nov

Salesfire spreads its ‘branches’ 

Conversion rate optimisation agency, Salesfire, has announced its partnership with reforestation giant One Tree Planted this week. 

Not content with just recycling in the office, Salesfire has pledged to plant at least 1,500 trees by 2021 in places like North America, South America, Asia and Africa. 

Rick Himsworth, CEO at Salesfire, said: “One Tree Planted is a big step for us in reducing our carbon footprint and creating a healthier planet for future generations. 

“It’s exciting that, as a company, we now have the power to make a real difference in helping the climate change crisis.” 

Digital Union 

Digital Union hosted its first Teesside branch meeting this week, headed up by Jim Mawdsley and Connor Haley. 

A cohort of business owners from Carbon, Appamondo, Publicity Seekers, Animmersion, Calm, SockMonkey, Endeavour Digital, Viral Effect and Middlesbrough Council came together to kick off proceedings. 

DU, has been active in Newcastle for a number of years, but has moved into Teesside to act as a union on matters where the industry needs a unified voice. Some of the matters initially discussed included skills, the use of ad hoc services such as legal and HR, networks and raising the profile of the digital industry in Teesside, outside of the area. 

Any companies wishing to get more information about joining Digital Union or putting forward issues to be addressed can contact Jim on 

Ithica Films releases its 2020 show reel 

Ithica Films has released its 2020 show reel looking back on a fantastic year in the North East with the theme ‘Connected’. 

In true Ithica style the film features a lot of breath-taking scene shots and tells the story of the people around us. Giving connection and deeper meaning through the videos. 

Matt, MD at Ithica Films, said: “2019 has been a pretty special year for us and our showreels always reflect where we’re at in our development. This year has been dominated more than ever with telling peoples stories and the connection that drives everyone individually and collectively. 

“It’s always great to see how places in the Tees Valley are linked with those further afield and so much of this is done by pouring our heart and soul into the films we make.” 

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