Collaboration stars: North Cyber Security and Techquity

Collaboration Stars has really given us the chance to learn more about the collaborative mindset of digital companies in Teesside and discover all of you who are working together. We’re loving hearing about it and we can’t wait to see more. 

In this week’s Collaboration Stars we have North Cyber Security and Techquity 

Recently North Cyber Security, based in Boho One, has been working on penetration testing for Green Flag’s ecommerce store built by Techquity, in Commerce House, using the Aero Commerce platform.  

Green Flag’s store needed testing to prevent hacking and ensure safety for customers details. This is where North Cyber Security came in. 

Paul Jenkins, Director of North Cyber Security, said: “We test software, websites and servers by simulating attacks that real life hackers would use. Penetration testing is checking that before software, IT systems or application are launched everything is safe from hackers. 

“If we identify any problems, we’ll spend time helping with any remediation that is needed and impart cyber security knowledge with developers and IT teams to resolve any issues.” 

Ran by Ben Kenyon and Paul Jenkins, North Cyber Security has done work in India and Silicone Valley and tends to work with software companies and people with a large investment in an online website to ensure GDPR regulation is followed. 

Paul continued: “It’s great to see developers of such a high standard like Techquity, we really hope to continue working with them in the future.” 

Richard Bendelow, COO and co-founder of Techquity, said: “Green Flag is a national company and has policies that require penetration testing to be carried out to ensure that the website and customer data is safe from hackers.” 

Aero Commerce is an ecommerce platform used by agencies to develop ecommerce stores for retailers. The platform is used by web development agency Techquity, who specialise in building ecommerce stores and both front and back end bespoke web development across a range of sectors. 

He continued: “Aero Commerce has been developed to be a global ecommerce platform with tax calculations that can work in any region and the ability for the stores to be presented in any language. 

“North Cyber Security has been very professional and provided a great service. We’ve recently passed another customer to them and hope to continue this long-standing relationship and pass work between each other.” 

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