Collaboration Stars | Colehouse Communications and Publicity Seekers

Last month saw two Digital Teesside companies, Colehouse Communications and Publicity Seekers, come together to work on a pretty amazing project in Australia. 

The Human Excellence Project set up the global #SwimRise movement to challenge people from across the world to run into the sea at sunrise to aid their own mental wellbeing and create a sense of togetherness. 

Colehouse Communications, based in Commerce House, was tasked with creating a global awareness movement to spread the awareness of #SwimRise. Creating a website, email communications and paid advertising campaign. It brought on board Publicity Seekers (us) to look after the PR and media. 

The result was 125 different events in 25 different countries and a publicity reach of over 5 million people. The movement originated in Australia and spread as far as Japan, the USA and England. 

Steve Cole, Managing Director of Colehouse, said: “The social media campaign reached 1m people and is now having what we like to call a halo effect. It’s been six weeks since #SwimRise but we’re still seeing it. 

“We can break through to an individual with this idea, but we wanted to put it in the media. 

“We don’t pretend we can do stuff. PR has always been a blind spot; I’ve always been on the lookout for a PR agency I can trust. 

“I saw what Publicity Seekers was doing and the fact they’ve moved round the corner to Albert Road. I had a meeting with them and then they pretty much cracked on and did their job, firing every article over as they did. 

There’s no way we would have got coverage without them, it made us look like rock stars to the client.” 

Steve added: “Nobody is good at everything. It takes more than one person to create something. ‘Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.’ 

“I might have taken that from Michael Jordan.” (Very philosophical Steve). 

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