Collaboration stars | Cocoon & Bauer and Better

In this week’s Collaboration Stars we’re looking at a project between Better and Cocoon & Bauer and learning what to expect from working together. 

The two companies joined forces to update Active Financial’s brand and interior design in 2018.  

Upon completion of the brand development project, and as a key part of the launch, Active were keen to ensure the brand was embedded into their new environment after recently investing in their new premises. 

After some initial scoping, and wanting to keep the business in Teesside, Paul Bell, Director at Better, recommended Albert North resident, Cocoon & Bauer, to design their new interior. 

So, how did it work? Well, Better shared Active’s updated brand story and visual brand world with the team at Cocoon & Bauer before meeting to discuss the concept and strategy behind the new brand. 

Paul Bell said: “The teams explored the insight behind the new ‘Active Spirit’ brand element, a glowing glass globe (see video below), developed to reflect the energy and transparency of the firm.”

After speaking to Karl Pemberton, the owner of Active Financial, the interior design agency developed its ideas to reflect Active’s values; honesty, transparency and warmth. 

Glass was used to represent transparency with raw materials such as timber representing honesty. These features were supported by the brands new colours which were followed through materials and wall coverings within the office space. 

It was critical that the interior project wasn’t just about making Active House look good, it was about embedding the values of the brand into the fabric of their new home.  

Peter Turner, Managing Director of Cocoon & Bauer, wanted to create something that not only Active Financial could be proud of but that would show the trust Better had given him with the design. 

He said: “I presented it to Paul and the team once and they loved it. They were happy I’d understood their brief and brought the branding into the design.” 

Paul advises: “Collaborations are about trust; you need to build a relationship with a company to know what will work. It’s meeting over a cuppa and getting to know someone’s values and if they align with your brand. 

“People deal with people after all, your portfolio can be amazing, but you only know if you can work with someone by meeting them.  

“We’d go straight back to Peter anytime, we share the same philosophy and culture and we both always want to do the right thing for the client.” 

Peter said: “Everyone within the digital, creative and tech sectors are happy to have a pint with one another. That friendly nature is then transported into business. 

“You should go into collaborations with an open mind. Understanding that your ideas can be developed and sometimes not taken forward is important. 

“Collaboration means you’re working together on the client’s job and not pushing your own agenda. The client is the focus of what you’re doing together, you’re working together to make sure the work is great for them.” 

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