Collaboration Stars | Animmersion and Logic Architecture

It’s 2020 and we hope you’re all very excited for a new year of collaboration and bigging up the digital community in Teesside. 

What better way to start than with a collaboration between Animmersion, Logic Architecture and Ithica Films on the very first Boho Next Generation visualisations we saw in 2019. 

Three companies, all based in the original Boho One, collaborated to develop the visualisations showing Boho Next Gen in the environment it would exist in. 

Ithica provided extensive drone footage of the location. Logic Architecture provided 3D models of the building created using Revit, a building information modelling tool. And Animmersion used motion tracking technology to track the virtual visuals to the real-world footage. 

Three companies at the heart of Middlesbrough’s digital hub making The Digital City magic happen. 

Animmersion scaled Logic’s 3D files to fit the real-world drone footage using special hologram units. 

The footage was then rendered to fit the environment. Breeze in the trees and shadows ensured that the digitalisation would feel natural and representative of the future Boho building. 

Three weeks. The total time that the three companies had to create the visualisation to showcase Middlesbrough’s big digital plans to the world.  

Dom Lusardi, Managing Director of Animmersion, said: “This collaboration was very personal. 

Animmersion has been in Boho since it opened. To be asked to help with the next phase is very humbling, it’s great to carry on adding to the cluster as it develops and grows. 

“The intention of the cluster has played out in this project, companies based in Boho One are helping to develop Boho Next Gen. It’s a nice story to tell.”  

Speaking of the work that Logic Architecture is doing on developing Boho 10, Mark Barlow Managing Director said: “When we knew we needed to work on a visualisation to launch the first plans for the new Boho we knew exactly who we needed to work with. 

“We can produce so much more when we work together than we can achieve individually.  

We can take on much bigger agencies together than we can on our own.” 

Animmersion, Logic and Ithica continue to work together with the architecture company using Ithica Films to produce their fifth birthday video in November.  

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