Collaboration Stars | Inner City Digital and Uber Design

This week’s Collab Stars looks at Inner City Digital and Uber Design’s work together to create an amazing website and brand design for their client.  

It started with one health and wellbeing company, Vibrant Feeling, and ended with a fully developed brand concept and website. 

After working for a design agency for 10 years, Chris Udall, founder of Uber Design, set up his company six years ago and offers design solutions, brand concept and advert marketing to North Eastbased clients. 

Chris developed the brand concept for Vibrant Feeling including a logo, colour palette, typography and brand language. 

The clients web storyboard was then shared with Nathan Zagrovic at Inner City Digital and the Photoshop design was migrated into WordPress to work for a mobile responsive website that also considered how it translated to display differently. 

The storyboard included the concept for Vibrant Feeling’s website such as the homepage and service page as well as the overall design principles and feeling that was to be achieved for the client. 

Chris said: “The web story board gave Nathan a flavour of the colour palette, typography and layouts to use as a basis to expand on. 

“Nathan has a really good visual eye and a good basis from a design point of view to take my brand concept and build on it throughout the process.” 

Nathan, co-director and web designer at Inner City Digital, said: “Once Chris had established the feeling of the branding, we began using HTML and CSS inside WordPress and running the design throughout the website to create pages. 

“Although Chris had only developed the theme for the homepage and service page you wouldn’t know that from looking at the website design as a whole.” 

Based at Cadcam Business Centre, Inner City Digital specialises in web design, SEO and PPC. 

Nathan said: “A website is a desert island. You need to drive people to it and let them know it exists. SEO and PPC is essential in driving people to your website and generating business, enquiries and purchases. 

“We’ve found that working together, even if you both do the same thing but perhaps take a different approach to it, can be hugely beneficial. This area is a digital hub and encouraging collaboration continues to grow that.” 

Since working together both companies have shared clients with each other for websites or branding and are continuing their collaboration on work for Vibrant Feeling. 

Now that’s what we like to see. 

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