Collaboration Stars | Blue Lint Studios and Amazing Interactives

We love talking to you about your news and collaborations (and how well you’re doing in this week’s Friday (not long until the) Pub Quiz. 

Last week we rang Phil Cornforth at Blue Lint Studios and spoke to him about a previous project with Amazing Interactives Ltd. 

The companies collaborated on 3D, interactive software to help patients with respiratory problems at James Cook Hospital.  

The software is an interactive animation tool that is used alongside a USB spirometer hardware to encourage breathing techniques through fairground games. The games included blowing up balloons to pop them, shooting ducks and a boat race. 

The project was designed alongside physiotherapists at South Tees Hospital, and is used by patients with cystic fibrosis and asthma, helping them with physiotherapy and airway clearance. 

Pravin Jethwa, Business Director at Amazing Interactives Ltd, said: “Varying software tools were used for story boarding and design concepts; 3D modelling and programming.” 

Based on Teesside Industrial Estate, Amazing Interactives was established in 2004 to develop bespoke software and the integration of hardware solutions for education, visitor attractions and medical sectors and has delivered hundreds of projects across China, the Middle East, USA, Australia, and Europe. 

Having worked together previously, the two companies knew they were compatible for this project and so work began. 

Phil at Blue Lint Studios used the game engine, Unreal Engine, alongside 3D Studio Max to do the modelling and added texture to the fairground animations using Substance Painter. 

Now in its third year, Blue Lint Studios, provides animation and visualisation services for both AR and VR and has previously worked on animated backdrops for stage shows such as Peter Pan and Elf. 

Phil, Director at Blue Lint Studios, said: “I’ve known Amazing Interactives for 15 years and when they approached me with this idea and hardware it was great to work together again. 

“It’s so important to collaborate with the companies around and make sure that our digital community supports and works with each other.” 

Blue Lint Studios continues to be on the lookout for more collaborations in Digital Teesside. 

And we can’t wait to hear all about them. 

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