News Round-up | January 24

Double Eleven, Double the Countries 

Double Eleven isn’t slowing down anytime soon with the announcement this week of its new development studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This new location transforms Double Eleven into an international development and publishing powerhouse, allowing for development across multiple time zones, along with gaining access to new Asian markets and partnerships. 

Lee Hutchinson, founder and CEO of Double Eleven, said: “We’re building Double Eleven Malaysia our way; it’s going to be a great place to work, and we’re looking forward to the new team there becoming part of our tribe. 

“At the same time, we’re continuing to invest in our UK headquarters in Teesside and make key hires within our development and management teams. Our Malaysian studio will be there to bolster the incredible teams we have working in the UK.” 

We look forward to our invite to the launch of the new offices in Spring 2020 then guys? 


So, what’s the Tech Tax? 

You may have seen a lot of talk about the Tech Tax over the last few days. 

We wanted to check the facts. 

Last year the BBC reported that: 

“The French Government announced its plans for a 3% tax on large tech companies’ local revenues. This is their total sales in France, rather than the profits they make. 

It will apply to tech companies with global sales of over £674m (€750m), and which make more than £22.5m (€25m) a year in France. The Government argues they pay little or no tax in France.” 

Just yesterday the BBC announced that: “The UK has been told to “hold fire” on a new tax on big technology firms planned for April. 

The Organisation for Economic Cooper and Development (OECD) said that there needs to be a global agreement on technology company tax. 

The OECD’s Secretary, General Angel Gurria, told the BBC that without a global solution to technology companies paying less than a fair share of tax, there would be a “cacophony and a mess” of 40 countries going their own way with “tensions rising all over the place”. 

In regards to the UK, we planned to levy a 2% tax on the UK revenues of search engines, social media companies and online marketplaces from April, Gurria, said that the government should “absolutely hold fire and contribute to a multilateral solution”. 

It looks like the tech tax may be a while off yet so that we see a global uniformity on the tax and it looks like it will be applying to the big boys like Facebook and Google who take more than £600m a year in global sales. 


Visualsoft launches its #ThinkBiggerConf 

We’ve had another massive announcement from Prince’s Wharf based Visualsoft this week. 

The Stockton-based digital powerhouse is heading over to Salford to host the Think Bigger Conference 2020, the conference aims to inspire ‘out of the box’ thinking to grow your business online. 

The event will be sponsored by Amazon Pay and other guest speakers include Facebook, eBay, Amazon Pay and the Founder and Editor in Chief of Internet Retailing magazine.  

The event is free. Find out more here. 

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