Collaboration Stars | Ithica Films and Teesside University

Collaboration within Teesside can take many different forms. 

It may be working together on a project for a client, offering business advice to your neighbours over a coffee or, in the case of this week’s Collaboration Stars, joining forces to strengthen not only yourselves but Teesside as a whole. 

Ithica Films has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Teesside University to enable the two to work together closely and be strategic in their relationship. 

The partnership has been offered by Teesside University for a number of years and has seen companies such as Double Eleven, Animmersion and Cubic get involved. 

Ithica was recently part of Expo Tees at Teesside University where the company spoke about real life experience, what the company looks for in a film maker and career paths. 

Five out of nine members of staff, including Managing Director Matt McGough, are Teesside University alumni and so the company has always tried to keep strong links to the uni.  

Matt said: “The signing of the MoU came through a mutual desire with the university to work closer together. 

“It enables us to identify people who we can work with sooner; and creates a talent pipeline for digital companies through work experience, internships and graduate opportunities. 

“We’re offering real life experience, the opportunity to shadow professionals and take part in production tasks not just making the brews. 

“I hope students come to know of us while they’re studying and learn what we’re looking for in a film maker. There’s no reason Teesside graduates can’t work in a full-time position at Ithica Films.” 

So, how does it work? 

The scheme works to identify mutual benefits which can include research opportunities, the use of university facilities, access to staff expertise and promotion of the company name to students. Companies are also invited along to showcase at events and industry briefings.  

It enables students to identify the fantastic businesses around Teesside (and we all know there’s plenty of them) as well as supporting the growth of the region by encouraging graduates from Teesside University to stay in the area.  

Siobhan Fenton, Associate Dean (Enterprise and Business Engagement) in the school of Computing, Media and the Arts at Teesside University, said: “There are various companies in Teesside who have global plans. 

“There are huge opportunities now in Teesside. You can stay in this fantastic area and be working with exciting and innovative companies within the region. 

“We are creating long term relationships. We want to ensure our courses are fit for purpose and are industry focused to ensure we can create employment opportunities for both students and the companies we’re working with.” 

If you’re interested in starting a partnership with Teesside University you can contact Siobhan Fenton here. 

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