Collaboration Stars: The Digital Union Strategy Board

Sam Lee and Pete Danks, the faces behind Albert Road digital companies Publicity Seekers and Carbon, will be in Newcastle on Tuesday to help shape the Digital Union strategy. 

The pair were asked to represent Teesside on Digital Union’s North East board and their first meeting will be a round table discussion at the National Innovation Centre for Data at Newcastle University. 

Digital Union aims to campaign for the businesses it represents in the North East tech sector with the strategy board unifying to discuss issues affecting the digital and tech sector in the region and work towards tackling them. 

The four-hour session will aim to shape the strategy going forward for Digital Union, which has seen a few changes recently due to the departure of its head Jim Mawdsley. 

Tuesday will mark Jim’s last day at Digital Union before he moves to be the Head of Culture at Newcastle City Council. He will be succeeded by Julian Leighton, founder of his former company Orange Bus. 

The areas up for discussion will includes skills and recruitment, the profiling of the industry and specific topics for regional events. 

And of course, if there is anything you would like Sam or Pete to raise please get in touch via or 

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