Collaboration Stars | Tad Web Solutions and Get Noticed Branding

North East’s business networking events offer so many great opportunities. This week’s Collaboration Stars between Tad Web Solutions and Get Noticed Branding was born through a recent BNI referral. 

Get Noticed Branding had been working with a North East based online fashion company to create a brand identity to take to a global market. This was when the client showed interest in an ecommerce site to continue its growth. 

Mark Bland, owner of Get Noticed Branding, had built a relationship with Ian Elcoate, Managing Director of Tad Web Solutions, and was currently in the same chapter at BNI. 

This is where the collaboration began. 

Based in Commerce House, Tad Web Solutions used their neighbour, Aero Commerce’s, ecommerce platform to create the website. 

Ian said: “Mark uses his graphic design skills to build a graphic version of what the client wanted. He makes it all look good. 

“Tad Web Solutions predominantly focuses on software and functionality so we were working hard to make a big platform site for the client.” 

Set up in 2014, Get Noticed Branding provides branding and logos alongside graphic design. 

The process involves frequent meetings and contact between the two companies as well as sharing the brand identity strategy and dimensions to enable the creation of an interaction website and brand across all devices. 

Mark said: “I developed the brand identity to take the logo into elements of marketing and the website. This allowed me to work closely with Ian to create a company with global potential.” 

Specialising in ecommerce sites and bespoke software, Tad Web Solutions works in the training and manufacturing industries and is currently changing its business model to take freelancers on for work on a project by project basis. 

“To be really great at a small number of things and pass your clients to other local companies for different services is a much better way to work,” continued Ian. 

“In Teesside, working together is what we’re really good at.” 

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