News | Round-up June 5

Managing diabetes with Jamstack 

Jamie Bradley, Founder of Endeavour Digital, has been using his skills to develop an app to help diabetics. 

He has used his experience in working with web development architecture programme, Jamstack, to build a blood sugar tracker called Hey Sugar. 

Jamie said: “As a diabetic myself I understand the importance of tight blood sugar control. 

“There are some great applications out there, but some come with a fee and other open source projects involve toying with your insulin pump, which you can’t do when the pump is supplied by the NHS and not everybody has access to an insulin pump. 

“I wanted to create an open source application that was easy to use, easy to host and open to a community of developers who can contribute and bring their ideas to the project. The response at Jamstack Conf was incredible and a number of people from across the globe have started to contribute. It’s very exciting!” 

Jamie will be holding an online event on 25 June for developers to sign up and discuss creating an open source Jamstack application. 

You can sign up here and find out more about Hey Sugar at the Jamstack conference here. 

CEO Sleepout stays at home 

On Monday business people from across the North East took place in the CEO Sleepout from their gardens. 

With Covid-19 restrictions in place, those who were raising money took to Zoom to take part in a Nationwide Stay at Home Sleepout. 

Emily Bentley, Claire Preston, Joanne Fryett, Mieka Smiles and Ann Stonehouse are some of those who represented Teesside in the sleepout and have so far raised £850. 

The sleepout helps to raise money to fight poverty and homelessness and so far more than 3,000 executives have raised a staggering £2,700,000 since its inception and has included providing training and jobs for those in recovery, ex offenders and the long term unemployed and helping to end the cycle of homelessness.

You can still donate here. 


Raising money for suicide awareness 

Genesis Ali is raising money for suicide awareness by fasting for seven days. 

After losing his mother and 16-year-old brother to murder and suicide, Genesis is aiming to raise £7,000 in seven days that will be given to seven charities that work to support bereavement, suicide awareness and mental health. 

The charities include: Samaritans, Papyrus, CALM, Maytree, Mind, Grass roots and Cruse Bereavement Care. 

You can sponsor here, any donations are hugely appreciated. 

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