News | Round-up June 19

SockMonkey bags £250k investment 

More brilliant news this week from Boho Fivebased SockMonkey Studios. 

The games developer has secured a £250k investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund which will help to create jobs and fund its first original game, Fish Tanks, which is set to launch later this year. 

SockMonkey has previously worked on numerous games titles for other companies and is excited to release its first game. 

Currently with 18 employees, the investment will help the business to roll out a growth plan which will allow for 12 new jobs by the end of 2020 with the eventual aim of 50 members of staff by 2021. 

In the words of Bob Makin: “…Digital business is booming in ‘Boro and we’re aiming to take at least two floors in the (Boho X) tower. Sod the naysayers, we’ll just have to prove them all wrong. #UTB 

Big up Teesside. 


The comeback is always greater than the setback 

Ithica Films latest video for the Tees Valley Combined Authority will have no doubt left you with goose bumps. 

If you haven’t caught it already we wanted to give the fantastic work the filmmakers do a little plug in this week’s newsletter and get you to go and check it out and give it a share to your fellow Teesside-friends and beyond to remind them of how great the region is and that, together, we can come through anything. (Oh, and to remind you of how bloody good Ithica Films is at shouting about this region.) 

Ithica shot footage at 4.30am in Middlesbrough to capture the freshness of the day. Really getting the feel of the empty streets in the town centre. 

Matt McGough, Managing Director at Ithica Films, will also be offering his advice to filmmakers in the region on Tees Valley Screen’s exclusive event on the 30 June. 

You can find out more and sign up here. 


Salesfire launches Conversion Kit to boost online retail sales across the country 

Software company, Salesfire, has launched a free Conversion Kit in partnership with eCommerce giant Klarna. 

As official partners of the fintech company, Salesfire has combined its conversion rate expertise with Klarna‘s flexible payment solutions to help online retailers drive conversions. 

Dedicated to the online retailers using Klarna, the Conversion Kit has already been proven to boost online conversion rates, increasing fashion designer Moda In Pelle’s conversion rate by 23%. 

Rich Himsworth, CEO of Salesfire, said: “Online sales are, on average, 40% higher compared to pre-lockdown. For online retailers using Klarna as a payment gateway, we wanted to make sure they are getting the absolute most out of their website traffic at this uncertain time with no additional cost involved. 

“Pairing their payment options with our on-site personalisation was a no brainer for both ourselves and Klarna,” he added. “If we can make that integration seamless for online retailers and additionally boost their conversion rate – especially in the current climate – it’s a job well done for us.” 

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