News | Round-up July 31

Brilliant Better branding for new SSI site

This week saw Teesside Mayor, Ben Houchen, announce the creation of a new organisation to take forward the redevelopment of the UK’s largest industrial zone. 

The 4,500-acre site is getting ready for investments which will transform it and what better way to celebrate than with a new brand from the team at Better Agency. 

Teesworks was created by Better for the UK’s largest industrial zone, aiming to reach both the global investor and the local people who have known this part of Teesside’s skyline for years. 

We’ll stop talking now, go and watch Better’s breathtaking video: 

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Teesside based Blockchain book chosen by Harvard 

Keynote speaker and author, Kate Baucherel’s book, Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, has been chosen by Harvard for its catalogue of business publications. 

Based in Teesside, Kate has an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, its history, applications, potential, and pitfalls. She works with businesses who are using blockchain, and her writing and speaking educates and inspires decision makers. 

Praised for its “authenticity, clarity and conceptual elegance” and the way it “illuminates the subject, goes beyond the jargon and throws enough humour into the mix to make reading it an informed pleasure” Blockchain Hurricane explores the strengths and weaknesses of this disruptive technology and examines emerging opportunities and perceived threats. 

Harvard Business Publishing added the book to its catalogue of business publications. This catalogue includes learning materials and their world-leading case studies and Blockchain Hurricane will now join these ranks. 

Fantastic news Kate. 


Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple CEOs questioned in Congress 

The US Congress House Antitrust Subcommittee has this week held hearings with senior executives of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple.

Over the last year lawmakers in Congress have been investigating claims that the companies are abusing their market dominance to crush rivals.

The companies could now be faced with further regulation in the USA as some lawmakers report that these firms could be so big that they can threaten competitors, consumers and in some cases democracy. 

It is hoped that increased regulation may fix some of the internet‘s current problems and ensure that we can keep building an open, safe and decentralised internet for the future. 

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