Launch of The Boho Promise 

Middlesbrough Digital is set to launch a three-part documentary series on the success of the Boho sector in Middlesbrough. 

Brought to you by the gang over at Ithica Films, The Boho Promise takes a look at the successful businesses, their leaders and the people who helped to shape the vision for this now bustling digital hub. 

Delving into the history, growth and future potential for Middlesbrough’s digital tech sector, this documentary needs to be shown to your family, friends and, hell, even your neighbours for future generations to see just how bloody great we are here in the ‘Boro. 

Dan Watson, Middlesbrough Digital Manager, said: “We decided to commission The Boho Promise to really shine a spotlight on the sector locally.” 

Go and check out the trailer here. 

(Thanks to Mr McGough for the heads up, we don’t know how this one went under the Digital Teesside radar.)  

DigitalCity launch online workshops series 

DigitalCity is running a series of online workshops this September for eligible Tees Valley SME’s. 

The workshops will cover Cyber Security and Digital Tools for Remote Working which will cover everything from data breaches and invoice fraud to tech tools to build, manage and lead remote working teams. 

The workshops will be ran by Boho Onebased computer security company, North Cyber Security and Braid Consulting, with 25 years of internet and IT experience. 

Held on 15th, 22nd and 29th September you can reserve a place by contacting with your full name and business name. 

Radical Forge’s Bright Paw available for pre-register 

A couple of months ago we brought the news to you that games design studio, Radical Forge, was launching its long awaited game, Bright Paw soon. 

Now this week the game has launched for pre-register on Google Play and Google Play Pass services! 

The game follows Theo, the pet cat of a typically British Supervillian who has just been killed, through a range of puzzles all with a very, engaging and exciting narrative and we can’t wait to give it a go. 

The game is coming soon to Switch, Google Play and the App Store. You can find out more here. 

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