News | Round-up August 28

Salesfire launch Season 2 of #TheCatchUp  

The team at Salesfire is chatting all things eCommerce in its video series, #TheCatchUp. 

Episode 2, UK vs US, has just gone live on YouTube with members Richard Himsworth, Josh McGregor and Elliot Lings chatting about the world of #SaaS, merging markets and competitor insights. 

Each week, industry friends join Salesfire for a few drinks and an often off the rails attempt at rounding up the week in digital marketing and eCommerce.  

Expect expert opinion, stories and anecdotes with a healthy dose of informal chat about everything – and nothing! 

You can watch Episode 2 of #TheCatchUp here. 


Mabo win Best use of Automation at the UK Biddable Media Awards 

Congratulations to Mabo Media for winning another fantastic award for Best use of Automation from the UK Biddable Media Awards, alongside NINE other shortlists. 

Tom Atkinson, Senior PPC Account Manager at Mabo, said: “I am over the moon for one of my campaign entries to get this level of recognition.  

“We are one of the leading agencies when it comes to adoption of AI and Google Smart Bidding in particular.  

“It is great to see our work on this has not gone unnoticed.” 

Make sure to keep an eye out on Twitter over the coming weeks to see if the team bag any more. 


Home working: To stay or go… 

While many different industries have returned to work in some way, shape or form, the tech sector is still a little in limbo. Should we stay or should we go? The answer seems to be – It’s up to you. 

An interesting survey done by Tech Round this week has found that 51% of employees have said that working from home has actually improved their lives.  

However, there is also a similar number of people who feel isolated, so every business and every boss will have to gage their own workforce.  

It has, however opened our eyes to more flexible working practices, negated unnecessary travel and facilitated some quality family time for some parents. 

For more info read here 

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