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News Round-up | January 24

Double Eleven, Double the Countries  Double Eleven isn’t slowing down anytime soon with the announcement this week of its new development studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This new location transforms Double Eleven into an international development and publishing powerhouse, allowing for development across multiple time zones, along with gaining access […]


News | Round-up

Run Dean, Run  Wish Dean Benson good luck as he attempts to recover from injury at the New York Marathon to run another international marathon next month.  The Visualsoft CEO suffered a painful torn calf on Sunday and ran the last eight miles in agony.  But he’s hoping to be […]


Collaboration Stars | Visualsoft and Teesside University

Digital Marketing Agency, Visualsoft, has collaborated with Teesside University through its Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme on a research project to gain insights into the eCommerce market. And the Stockton-based tech giant is keen to work with more of its Digital Teesside neighbours.  Earlier this year Visualsoft’s KTP allowed it to partner with Teesside University’s alumnus, appointing Kalvin Tan, with an objective to assist with the construction […]